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TetherProx is a proxy that provides web (HTTP), secure shell (SSH), and other Internet connectivity from a tethered computer via your non-rooted Android SmartPhone.

This app is a direct and improved replacement for Proxoid and SuperProxoid; both are no longer being maintained. This app fixes and eliminates the connection reset problem that Proxoid exhibits after using it for a little while. The language is improved. And it is widely distributed on various Android app marketplaces.

Instruction on how to use this app is widely distributed, because, to the user, it operates practically the same as Proxoid. Any instruction for Proxoid is directly applicable to TetherProx.

Menu Options:

Help - Provides a link to the Proxoid web site, where you can find instructions on using this app.

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TetherProx may be downloaded from various Android marketplaces, ready to be installed on your Android SmartPhone.

GNU General Public License - Version 2, June 1991 source code may be downloaded below. Be sure to read the license agreement before downloading the source code.

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