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  • FlashChess
    This is a free online chess game using the Adobe Flash technology.
Java Applets
  • Cyno's Tire & Wheel Calculator
    Thinking about upgrading your tires and/or wheels? Use our free applet to find the perfect size for your vehicle.
  • ImageSlider: Halloween Series
    Free online sliding puzzle game based on Halloween fine art oil paintings. Spooky monster artworks to challenge your mind. Fun to play.
  • JavaSolitaire
    This free online solitaire game brings back the old Windows classic to any operating system platform.
  • Print Crop Tool
    Print Crop Tool helps you size and crop your digital photograph for printing. This free software tool automates calculation to ease your printing process. See it work on the Camera Hacker web site.
  • Numerology Calculator
    Take a look at this tool on the Mystik site. It works on virtually all platforms. All you need is either a Java-enabled browser, or a Java Development Kit. A version is even available for the HP 48 scientific calculator.
  • Periodic Table
  • Pong
  • Tower of Hanoi
    Challenge your mind and play our free on-line Java game!
  • United States Population Clock
    See the U.S. Population grow in real-time. Compare it to the Census Bureau population clock.
JavaScript PHP
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 Field-of-View Calculator
  • Browser User Agent
    This free online tools helps you determine the user agent string of your browser.
  • Calendar
  • Hangman
    This free online classic game of Hangman challenges you and teaches vocabulary in various languages.
  • HTML Tags Remover
    This free online utility helps you remove all HTML tags from a page of text. It basically converts your HTML document to plain text.
  • IBD 100 Graphs
    This free online tool generates a series of graphs for the IBD 100 stocks easily and quickly.
  • IBD 50 Graphs
    This free online tool generates a series of graphs for the IBD 50 stocks easily and quickly.
  • IP
    This free online tools helps you determine your current IP address.
  • Palm OS Data Converter
  • Text to JPEG
    This free online utility lets you convert text into a JPEG image.
  • Text Encoding Detector
    This free online utility helps you determine if text passages are in ASCII format or encoded in unicode. It helps you find plagiarized articles that passes Copyscape.
  • Text Paragraphs to HTML Converter
    This free online utility helps you convert plain text paragraphs into HTML with line breaks and paragraph tags. It makes it easy for you to place text into your web pages.
  • Universal Card Game
  • Web Site Search
    Use this free online tool to build a search form for any web site. You can then put the search form onto your own web site to create a custom site search.

Commercial Web Sites

  • designKY - Let designKY design a professional web-site for you.
  • Plastec - Serves all your plastic needs!

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